Specified Entries

Every catalog record has a particular format consisting of standard entry tags. The most common format is the MARC format with MARC entry tags. The e-library allows the search to be limited to certain fields and entries within a record. When searching by words or phrase or when searching by everything, type your search expression followed by the entry tag(s) enclosed in braces in the appropriate text field. For example, if you enter CHOPIN {100} the e-library searches for items written by Chopin.

The e-library> locates only the specified entries/fields in the records for your search term.

Refer to the following table for some of the most common US MARC entry tags.

Entry Tag Definition
100 personal author main entry
245 main title and statements of responsibility
260 publication information including date published
440 series title entry
500 general note
505 contents note
520 summary or abstract
650 topical subject heading
651 geographical subject heading
710 added corporate author

Refer to the following table for some of the most common Technical Report entry tags.

Entry Tag Definition
AUTH personal author(s)
CONN contract number
CORP corporate author
CTTL classified title
TITL unclassified title
DATE date entered
DESC descriptors
IDEN identifiers

Other formats may use different entry tags and fields appropriate to the database you are searching.


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