Search Results

The result of the e-library search may be a single catalog record, a hit list of catalog records, or a hit list of URLs for relevant web sites.

If a list of catalog records displays, you can select Full Details to view more information about a particular record. If the search located only one matching catalog item, the full catalog record or web resource record automatically displays. If there is no direct match for the search term entered, a browse list displays.

Broadcast Searching

The results of a broadcast search, over a number of Z39.50 sites, produces first a listing of the sites searched with the number of hits found at each site. Click on a site to see the search results for that site.

Category Analysis

If you perform a search that retrieves titles with different classification numbers, the e-library analyzes them and returns a list of categories in You Found Books in Categories.

For example, you perform a search for GARDENING across Everything. The search finds 298 titles, and you don't know where to begin looking. On the results page, the e-library provides a You Found Books in Categories box, containing the e-library's analysis of the classifications of all 298 titles retrieved in the search, the results of which are compiled into broad categories. You can choose to narrow your search of GARDENING by selecting the category that best describes the information you are looking for.

Copy Status

The copy status feature allows you to see copy availability, the estimated wait for holds on those copies if none are currently available, and the order status of any future copies the library plans to include in the collection. If available, reserve information may also display when results are reached from a Reserve Desk search.

Search Time-out Limit

The search time-out limit is the length of time that the e-library will wait for a search to complete.


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