Full Details

Full Details can be the catalog information about a hit list item, or the full available information about a request you have sent to the library.

You can do the following from the Full Details view of an item.

The Buy This Item Now option takes you directly to an online bookseller, where you may set up an account and purchase the item you were looking for.

The Place Hold option allows you to place a hold on an item that is not currently available at the library. You will be notified by your library when the item is available for pickup.

If available, the Book Item option allows you to reserve items that are not available for checkout.

By clicking Keep, you automatically add the item to your personalized bibliography created during the current session. Don't forget to click Kept after you have marked items to Keep from Full Details.

The More By This Author feature retrieves a list of titles by all the authors in the selected record. The More Like This feature retrieves a list of titles with subjects similar to those of the selected record.

The netLibrary feature allows you to check out electronic texts, if they are available.

The Try These Too feature retrieves a list of titles that are cross-referenced to the titles found in your search. The You Found Titles in Categories feature retrieves a list of titles with Library of Congress classifications similar to that of the selected record(s). The Try These Too and You Found Titles in Categories features can also display in the hit list of catalog records.

More Features

Click Item Information to view a summary of the item information and the library's holdings. In Holdings, the libraries that contain a copy of your search item are listed. The first library that displays is the current library. If an item has holds placed on it, the estimated time you will have to wait before the item is available for checkout appears. The total number of copies available in the specified library location is also displayed. Some item titles may have more than one copy or be associated with volumes. Any special information about a particular copy of an item may display in a note underneath the copy listing.

Click A Look Inside to access book reviews, author interviews, cover jackets, tables of contents, book summaries, author biographies, first chapters and excerpts, electronic texts, and database information, if they are available.

Click Catalog Record, to see the Full View From Catalog of the item.


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