E-Mail Record Information

You can e-mail record information by marking items to keep from a Search Results hit list or from the Full Details display.

  1. Click Keep for the items to e-mail. Items marked Keep initially can be unmarked by clicking Remove.
  2. When you are finished including items, click Kept.
  3. You can remove some of the items in your list by selecting the check box by the titles to be removed and clicking Remove Checked Titles from List. To clear the list, click Remove All Titles from List.
  4. In the Sort By box, choose to sort the records by author, title, or call number.
  5. In the Library box, choose to filter the records by library branch.
  6. If available, choose the All, Brief, or Full View of Records.
  7. In the E-mail box, type an e-mail address.
  8. Click E-Mail.

During a session, Kept catalog results are included in your list of items until you remove them. Don't forget to click the Kept button after you have marked an item to Keep in the search results.


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